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Build a Highly Responsive, Profitable Subscriber List – With ZERO Extra Effort

Prospect Power Pro Is the Only Autoresponder Platform That Lets You Send Mobile-Responsive Email, Text, and Voice Messages on Demand from One Place So You Can...

  • Get your marketing messages read faster (90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes)
  • Reach more people directly on their phone instead of getting lost in a cluttered inbox
  • Never get frustrated with an unresponsive list again (Text messages have an average open rate of 99% and click through rate of 36%)
  • Engage, nurture, and convert your subscribers into sales in your sleep
  • Get 400x higher conversions with the combined power of email, text, and voice broadcast marketing
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  • When I implemented this text and automated voice system my business nearly doubled. The response rate of my customers went through the roof. As mass email no longer seemed to penetrate through spam filters and open rates continued to decline, the text and voice broadcast features have provided a better solution, with much less effort. I highly recommend Prospect Power Pro to businesses of any size.
    Name Derek Emery

If You're Going to Use Email Marketing, Shouldn't It Work?

Email marketing generates a 4000% return on investment, or $40 for every $1 spent. But in today's mobile-powered world, it's not enough to use email marketing alone.

Open rates are declining. Inboxes are overcrowded. SPAM filter are on extra high alert. Non mobile-responsive messages are trashed.

It's getting harder and harder for marketers to get their messages in front of their dream customers' eyeballs and actually make money from their lists.

The inbox might not be the same as it used to be, BUT... 95% of Americans do own a cell phone... and they're checking them approximately 85 TIMES a day!

Prospect Power Pro is a revolutionary multimedia autoresponder platform that leverages the consumer shift towards mobile devices. Simply upload your messages once, and the platform will automatically deliver mobile-responsive emails, SMS or MMS messages, and voice messages directly to your subscriber’s smartphone (which is typically within arm's reach 24/7).

Send Mobile-Responsive Emails, Text Messages, and Voice Broadcasts in a Single, Automated Sequence

Set all your marketing communications to autopilot. Prospect Power Pro lets you capture and confirm new subscribers via automated mobile-responsive emails, SMS messages, and voice broadcast and start meaningful, long-lasting conversations from the moment someone opts in to your list.

Plus, you're likely to generate more leads and subscribers since 75% of people say they'd rather have offers sent to them via SMS rather than see ads online or on apps according to an article published in Digital Marketing Magazine.

Who Is Prospect Power Pro For?


Anyone who sells products and services and would like to create a massive, consistent income by sending automated messages that engage, nurture, and convert their contacts into sales like clockwork – even while they’re sleeping!

Affiliate marketers, network marketers, business owners, and marketers of all kinds can build a profitable list fast with this simple platform. And it's super quick and easy to set things up.


Prospect Power Pro - MultiMedia Autoresponders.


Brad Barton: Helping Marketers Harness the Power of Mobile Marketing – Easier.

Prospect Power Pro was developed by a small business owner who was sick of low open rates, unresponsive lists, and managing multiple, expensive platforms just to keep up with the competition.

Brad decided to take the highest ROI-producing marketing methods – including email, text messaging, and voice broadcast – and integrate them all into one insanely powerful, yet easy-to-use software.

Prospect Power Pro doesn't just make email marketing easy. It makes your campaigns 400x more effective with the combined power of text and voice message marketing!

Top Brands Use SMS and Voice Broadcast Marketing to Grow Their Profits. Now You Can Join Them.

Build Hyper-Responsive Lists Fast

Prospect Power Pro is the only autoresponder that lets you capture prospects' information 11 total different ways so that you can target prospects exactly where they are with endless incentives...

  • Capture name and email with state-of-the-art web forms that deliver your irresistible lead magnets
  • Capture name and mobile number in exchange for a free trial
  • Capture phone numbers with a QR code and deliver instant discounts to new customers
  • And much, much more...

Once a new subscriber opts in, the platform automatically delivers your multimedia message sequence directly to consumers' phones. There's no better way to ensure your message gets into the hands of the right person at exactly the right time.

Skyrocket Open Rates & Conversions

On average, only 20% of your emails get seen. But you can instantly get up to 40% higher open rates with this platform's mobile-responsive email feature.

Even better – Prospect Power Pro comes with SMS (text) messaging that boasts 90+% open rates, and most text messages are responded to within just 3 minutes.

With Prospect Power Pro, you can say goodbye to that tiny trickle of weekly sales from your list because we make it easier than ever to convert subscribers into loyal, raving fans and customers. With every opened message, you'll be building trust and nurturing a lasting relationship that turns strangers into buyers.

Establish Instant Authority

Prospect Power Pro is equipped with voice broadcast automation that can be used to build instant authority with your new subscribers.

Whether you're sending a personalized voice recording after someone opts in or you're reminding your list about a free upcoming webinar, voice broadcasting allows you to create instant authority in your market and build powerful relationships with subscribers.

Because so few marketers are leveraging this medium, you're sure to stand out from the sea of competitors.

Create a Lifestyle of Freedom

If you're anything like us, you left your old 9-to-5 and started building a list with the hope that one day you'd be earning income 24/7 – whether you were sitting in front of your computer or relaxing with the family at the beach.

But there have probably been times where you felt so overwhelmed you wanted to give up...

If you really want to build a successful business that gives you the flexibility and freedom to pursue your hobbies, hang out with your spouse and kids, and travel the world, then you need more automation.

Communicating with your subscriber list is the single most important thing you can do for your business. It's how you nurture strong relationships that turn into sales. But you need these relationships to be built without you spending 12 hours a day replying to messages...

Prospect Power Pro handles all of your communication for you so you can be vacationing in the Bahamas or skiing in Aspen while business goes on as usual. Just create the messages you want to send to your subscribers one time, and the platform will send them out for you whenever your subscriber triggers a specific action.

Unlike other autoresponders, Prospect Power Pro doesn't just handle your email marketing, it also delivers text and voice broadcast messages on autopilot so you can gain an unfair advantage in our mobile-driven world.

Try Prospect Power Pro today and see how easy it can be to build a profitable list that empowers you to create the freedom lifestyle of your dreams!

Try It Now For Just $1

But Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

  • The website has some really great features that lets you reach your subscriber list in very creative ways. You can send multimedia messages that allow you to relate new information about your product in a way that will capture your viewers attention, and get your message noticed. Setting up the autoresponder is really easy, and it allows you to be able to send pre-written messages to help you to build up your subscriber list. Awesome features that are a cut above the rest!
    Name Edgar Griggs

Everything You Need to Build Lasting, Lucrative Relationships in a Single Platform

  • Generate more leads with over 11 different prospect capture methods
  • Deliver personalized SMS text messages, mobile-responsive emails, and multimedia messages directly to your subscribers on demand without lifting a finger
  • Leverage the 90+% open rate of text messages to quickly and easily penetrate your customer list and skyrocket sales
  • Send voice broadcasts to mobile and landline phones in seconds to reach thousands more customers without Internet
  • Automate all of your mobile marketing efforts under a single, simple platform – instead of paying for 3+ complicated and costly systems
  • Create broadcast messages, scheduled broadcast messages, or multimedia autoresponders that will generate revenue for you 24/7... all with a simple, 5-minute setup
  • Easily create web forms that you can use to grow your marketing lists at lightning speed
  • Dominate the competition by staying in touch with your list directly on their mobile phones

Do all this and more with the world's only integrated multimedia autoresponder: Prospect Power Pro.

Try It Now For Just $1

80% of the People on Your List Who Could Be Giving You Money, Don't.

Whether you're an affiliate marketer, network marketer, or any other kind of marketer who's building an email list, average email open rates tell us you're accidentally losing a lot of money.

Only 20% of emails get opened on average, leaving 80% that never even get looked at.

80% is 8 out of 10 people. (for all those who are math challenged.)

Let's say you charge $1000 for a product you offer.

That means that for every $2000 you do make, you could be letting another $8,000 slip right through your fingers...

$8,000 is a lot of money to be letting disappear in the trash bin.

Start sending messages that actually get opened, clicked, and responded to... and build profitable relationships 24/7 (even if you're not working) with Prospect Power Pro today!

Try Prospect Power Pro Now for Just $1

Brad Barton here –

If you sign up for your risk-free test drive of Prospect Power Pro today, I'll let you use my multimedia autoresponder platform for a full 14 days for just $1.

If you aren't enjoying higher open rates, increased list engagement, more buyer traffic, and hands-off, streamlined communications in 2 weeks, simply close and cancel your account within 14 days and you won't be charged another cent.

Be careful not to let this extremely limited opportunity slip through your fingers like those lost conversions... activate your trial today before it's too late.

Only 100 $1 Trials Will Be Offered

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Personal Package
$1.00For 14 Days
And Then $39.00 Monthly Thereafter

Great Starter Package

5,000 Total Subscribers

  • 2,500 mobile subscribers
  • 2,500 email subscribers
  • Unlimited follow-up messages
  • Broadcast and schedule broadcast messages
  • 50 mobile keywords
  • 50 mobile groups
  • One US or Canada phone number included
  • 200 mobile message credits monthly
  • Easy segmentation
  • Sign up forms
  • Customer support
  • Worldwide mobile messaging, voice broadcast, and email delivery

Get Prospect Power Pro for Just $1 Today - before It’s Too Late

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